Pietre Preziose by Okite

luminous  adj.  1. radiating or emitting light.  2. reflecting or  diffusing light.  3. intellectually brilliant

Sometimes an object is so stunning it can’t be properly caught on camera, and that is surely the case with Pietre Preziose, the latest surfacing material produced by the family-owned Italian firm, OKITE.  Pictures just don’t it justice.  As it is composed of natural quartz and resin, the translucent Pietre Preziose fills with ambient light from its environment and becomes truly luminous.  How brilliant is that?

This OKITE product, as with the rest of the company’s line, is available in a choice of thicknesses and can be cut and edged however needed for one’s project.  In addition to the lovely stuff pictured above, the company also produces a line of recycled surfacing.

OKITE product is available in a range of custom colors, from soothing white into earthy colors through bright, saturated tones and on up into deep, almost startling tones such as Prisma Blue Capri (pictured).

Everything the company produces can earn LEED credits.  Their surfacing does not emit any gas or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is certified by GreenGuard Environmental Institute.  Due to its high structural strength, OKITE product does not require any substrate of plywood, MDF, or composite wood – and, as the latter often contains urea-formaldehyde resins, this is good thing.

At the end of its lifecyle OKITE stonework can be crushed or recycled to obtain concrete or roadfill.  Stonework which has been cared for properly will retain its original finish and properties throughout its use, and so can be repurposed as flooring, vanity tops, backsplashes, windowsills, or mosaics… to name just a few possibilities.

But to really appreciate just how gorgeous this product looks, take a moment to browse around the OKITE website.  It’s worth the time taken.

~ Emerald

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