Temporarily Transformative – Inkshuffle

Dwelling in a rental can be so… uninspiring.  Who likes living one’s life surrounded by bland walls which cannot be painted or papered without sacrificing one’s security deposit?  But that’s how it is, right?

Not anymore!

Thanks to the folks at Inkshuffle, we renters can have our cake and eat it too.  How?  Reusable wall murals… or, “Easy Off” wall murals, as the company calls them.

I kid you not.  This is great stuff: fully customizable, fully personal, easy to use, and friendly to the environment because it can decorate your space more than once.  As if that wasn’t green enough, the adhesive used for the murals is non-toxic and the ink used to print the images is biodegradable.

There’s something at Inkshuffle for everybody.  There are 37 categories of images (over two million) of such a broad array that one could easily spend hours browsing the site – or, if you just gotta have that one special look, a picture of choice can be uploaded for a completely custom mural.  (1024×1024 size or larger is recommended.)  The mural can then be printed to the customer’s specifications, up to 20 by 20 feet square.

How this works is that all Easy-Off wall murals come pre-pasted, so they can be soaked in water for two minutes to activate the adhesive & then applied to the wall.  (The website includes a helpful page with illustrated instructions on how to hang the murals.)  When it’s time to remove the paper it can be peeled off without damaging the pre-existing paint.  Easy.

Once removed, the paper can be rolled up and stored for transport in a tube, which the company suggests obtaining from a designer or drafter.  At the new location, new adhesive will need to be applied to the mural before hanging – a little messy, but not difficult.

As I said, there are over two million styles to choose from, so the samples shown here are not even a drop in the bucket.  Go see!  Visit the site and have fun.  Like an image but don’t want to emblazon it completely across the wall?  Each is also available as a poster or printed on canvas for framing.

~ Emerald

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  2. Jake Johnson Says:

    Very cool material. Does soaking it in water cause it to wrinkle or anything like paper does?

  3. Elvira Hedley Says:

    You are so right Richard! Serena is an inspiration all by herself. . . and an excellent writer. Thanks again Serena. Richard, beautiful work!

  4. Brad Says:

    This does not remove easily. It took my friend and I 8 hours with a professional steamer to remove it. Complete night mare. Don’t put up if you don’t own.

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