Thoughts on Red Dresses, Blue Nails, and Beige Sofas

If you haven’t heard about the explosion of interest in big, flouncy red dresses in the last few days, read this and then come back here….

Did you read the whole thing?  Good, because I think The Bloggess has touched on something really important.

Namely, we have to indulge ourselves from time to time with something that is true to our nature, no matter how ridiculous or silly others may find it to be.  For me it was painting my nails a bright, sparkly blue – just in time to have my photo session for new publicity shots.  Three hours of me, posing like a (not terribly good) model, all with a celestial blue manicure.  I almost talked myself out of it beforehand, reasoning that it might look a bit to silly for someone of my age (which my son always tells me is 29 – bless his wonderful soul!), and instead I should stick to a more conservative “arty” color like beige or gray.  But then I realized that silly is really who I am, so why hide it?

Really, why should any of us hide it?  Why should any of us live with beige nails if we feel like having blue ones instead.  Or buy a beige sofa because a red one just seems like such a commitment, even though it’s always been your dream?

And that’s the trick to all of this when it comes to our homes.  It has to be your dream – an expression of who you are deep down.  Although the purchase can be impulsive, the desire has to live inside you for a long time.  That is how you know you won’t regret it, because it is who you really are.

So what is your “red sofa”?  What is the thing you really wish you had the guts to do, but haven’t taken that leap of faith yet?

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  2. Rama Says:

    My toe nails are fuchsia. Before that they were apple green.

    My future red sofa moment is bungee jumping and zip lining. Someday! Although I have never been to Japan. I would love to go back to Italy.

    When I win the lottery I will move to Dublin and buy you a plain ticket to come visit me.

  3. lauren Says:

    Thanks, Rachel- this post got me thinking about what I would consider the most ‘indulgent’ things I would love to have (but can’t… or don’t, for the sake of pragmatism), and it came down to two things:
    1) First or limited-edition books- If you can get a current edition for a fraction of the price, they seem like extravagant, unnecessary expenditures. But there’s something about the tangible history embedded in those pages that fills me with joy.
    2) the Eames House bird, for so many reasons I can’t list them all. It’s not terribly expensive at $200, but when you take away the meaning and symbolism, it could be viewed as another decorative item that my small living room just doesn’t need. But it’s not clutter- if it were sitting here in front of me, I know I would be smiling.
    One of these days… :)

  4. Rachel Says:

    That is EXACTLY the sort of thing I meant, Lauren. Those things we want, but convince ourselves over and over that they are impractical for one reason or another. The way I figure it, if we’ve had to talk ourselves OUT of something more times than we can count, it’s time to switch tactics and talk ourselves INTO them instead.

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