Izola Shower Curtains

Ahh… Las Vegas.  London.  Paris.  Venice…  Ever daydream of traveling to those places?


Okay.  So, let’s go!

Wait a minute.  We’re here to talk about interiors, aren’t we?  And so we are.  Specifically, about a very basic, humble, overlooked bit of interior design, one which certainly could use some glamour and snap:  the shower curtain.

Somewhere in the broad field between the two extremes of utilitarian and opulent lies style, sophistication, and wit.  Check out these travel-themed curtains from the New York-based firm, Izola.

What’s more romantic than Venice by candlelight?  Or perhaps Paris?   Mmmmm…

Now, beyond the basic fun of the images, comes an added bonus: these shower curtains are made from PEVA, a vinyl type that emits no Dioxin.  I like that.  PEVA is also biodegradable, and I like that, too.

Izola offers nineteen such “eco-friendly” curtains.  Most are photographic-quality images of famous cities, including a startling view of the Brooklyn Bridge, but, if views aren’t your thing, there are also subway and geographical maps available.

As the bath water heats, browse detailed charts of the London Tube, or the subways of the Chicago, Boston, or New York Transit Authorities.  Muse over the intricacies of the New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego city maps.  Wonder at the isolation of Hawaii, or the immensity of California, or, if you’re in the mood to think internationally, peruse a map of the world (have the political boundaries changed since yesterday?).

In departure from these options is the whimsical Homebound, an original pattern created by artist Rika Shimada.  Although described by Izola as “a tribute to all things nautical,” for me Homebound evokes the work of eminent tattoo artist Sailor Jerry, which makes it all the more endearing.

~ Emerald

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