Bunaco Housewares

Part of sustainability is simply making use of what’s on hand: the ancient art of sourcing from nearby bounty.

The founders of Bunaco understood this well.  For over fifty years the company, based in the Aomori region of northern Japan, has made use of the beech trees plentiful to its area.  From a base product line of lacquered tableware, the designers at Bunaco have continually expanded their vision and created a legion of useful interior goods.

Their most recent brain-child is the Faggio loudspeaker, which debuted just last month at the 2012 Maison & Object Show.

Also included in their product line are wool-seated stools, wastebaskets, tableware (bowls, plates, trays, and such), and a variety of trays & containers or household/office use.  However, my hands-down favorites are the ambiance lamps, which combine all the warmth of wood with the glow of sunset.

All these many things are crafted using a single, traditional technique.


Domestically-grown beech trees are cut into thin boards approximately two meters long by one mm thick.  These are processed into tape-like strips about one cm wide, which are wrapped into flat coiled board, formed into the desired shape, glued, and coated.

As each item is hand made by craftsmen there is variation and unique character even among otherwise identical objects.

This production process allows for great creativity and produces no wood waste: a good thing.  Also, according to ginkgraph.net, the Bunaco product requires 1/12 the material used for ordinary wooden carved objects, further reducing the consumption of wood.

But beyond that there’s also the visual economy & elegance of the Bunaco lines.  I love the seamless blending of traditional technique and modern artistic sense.  Yes, it’s stylish, but to me it also seems to radiate a certain tranquility.

~ Emerald

Images courtesy of Bunaco, Japan.

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  2. Bobby Says:

    Erm..speechless. Just don’t have the words to describe how cool these are. I’m not even sure what some of them are but they’re beautiful nonetheless! The Faggio loudspeaker is just..wow.

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