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eco house book

I have always had a love for Terence Conran.  Perhaps it’s the simple, natural look of his company’s interiors and furnishings, or maybe it’s just the dreamy, spare quality of the photographs that populate the pages of his “House” book series.  Whatever the reason, I was delighted to find his latest design tome, “Eco House Book”, is focused on what I love best – sustainable homes.

Eco house book2

Although it uses decidedly British terminology and sources, it is still a valuable addition to any green designer’s library, no matter where they hail from.  Subjects range from energy efficient lighting to choosing upholstery fabrics, and case study homes from around the world are profiled at the end of the book.

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  1. Katherine Stevens Says:

    The first “green” home in Huntington Beach was finished and opened to the public about a week ago. Haven’t been for a look, but definitely applaud this trend!

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