Arts and Crafts with OTRA

Teacher: “Alright children, it’s time for arts and crafts.”

Kids: “Yay!”

Remember that moment?  The anticipation of color, creativity, and mess in quest of art?

That feeling came alive the moment I spotted these snazzy puzzle lampshades from fledgling company OTRA.  As part of a burgeoning upcycling movement in Montreal, designers Julie Ferrero and Guillaume Darnajou put their creativity to work and founded OTRA (On The Road Again) in February of 2011.

The workshop came to life through their shared passion to work towards sustainable development.  It is Julie & Guillaume’s belief that creative design offers “a new path” towards solving the environmental problems our over-consumptive society.

OTRA lampshades are made from plastic advertisement posters from the Montreal Metro, are entirely hand-made using upcycled materials and never involve the use of paint, solvents, or glue.  They are packaged flat and require no tools for assembly.

The design of each shade depends on individual cutting and the advertising campaign of the source posters.  They’re sold as 24-piece kits to make a roughly spherical 38×38 cm shape, but can be modified into two other interesting variations.  Couple that with the freedom to reverse any part of the kit as you wish and there’s a delicious chance for creativity.

Or the ultimate rainy day project to share with one’s kids.

~ Emerald

Images courtesy of OTRA, Montreal.

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  2. Pickwise Says:

    Very unique. I loved the design. About how long did it take to complete?

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