Etsy Find of the Week – Recycled Sweater Blankets

Recycled wool sweaters are a definite trend right now (hmmm, next Trending post?), and I’ve seen lots of cute pillows, stuffed critters, and the like made from them, but this is the first time I’ve seen an entire blanket!

Created by Michelle Christman from LovelyJustLovely, this blanket is made up of 8 different thrift store sweaters that were then felted, pieced, and then sewn together with a tight zigzag stitch.

Michelle has several different versions in her shop, including this lovely green colored one with a black and white check.

What I really love about these blankets, other than the obvious reuse aspect, is how flexible they are style-wise.  The geometric lines, combined with the patchwork composition, would lend themselves equally well to either traditional or modern decor.  And the pricing is surprisingly resonable, considering the amount of time and effort making a blanket like this must surely take.

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2 Responses to “Etsy Find of the Week – Recycled Sweater Blankets”

  1. Kathy Stumm Calgary Alberta Says:

    Love the fact that these are both attractive but also designed by re-using items!

  2. John Manross Says:

    Michelle isn’t just artistic but also a visionary. I am a supporter of eco-friendly remodeling ideas and this is perhaps one of the smartest I’ve ever stumbled upon. Thanks for this nice post.

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