ABYU Lighting

Meet Jerry the pig.

Jerry used to be a detergent bottle but now he’s gained new life as a kid’s nightlight… or, perhaps, as a whimsical conversation piece owned by an adult who hasn’t forgotten how to be a kid.  Isn’t he great?

Steven Wine created Jerry and his menagerie of companions as a diversion from his regular work as lighting designer for ABYU (And Bob’s Your Uncle) and its partner company, BNO Design.

“I originally made these upcycled nightlights for kids’ rooms,” says Steven, “but adults seem to like them too!  Sometimes when I finish a particularly cute one, everyone in the studio laughs when they look at it.  That’s pretty much what it’s all about!”

The upcycled menagerie is only a part of a larger story.

These are creatures of fantasy and whimsy, of smaller scale but no less creative than Steven’s usual, larger light fixtures: airy sculptures of glass, metal, and (quite often) feathers.

“We specialize in creative custom lighting products that emphasize the value of good design and craftsmanship,” says Steven.  “Our limitless exploration of materials enables our artists to look at lighting with a unique perspective.”

Jerry and his co-creations can be found at the ABYU online shop, here.

~ Emerald

6 Responses to “ABYU Lighting”

  1. John Manross Says:

    This is really a great way to inspire creativity among DIY enthusiasts. I think it’s a cool method to inspire eco-friendly remodeling as well. Keep up the good work, Jerry!

  2. Electrical Services in Arlington, VA Says:

    Very interesting pieces! What kind of light bulbs do they use?

  3. Alert Electrical Says:

    Hehe I would absolutely love to have one of these (well, or all of them!). The blue piglet is my favourite

  4. Steven Says:

    Thanks for the compliment!
    They use a small candelabra bulb. They are usually 15 watts but some darker or larger bottles use a 25 Watt. Very small bottles use a 5 Watt bulb to reduce the chance of melting.

    The bulb can be found here:

    http://www.grandbrass.com/ShowItem.cfm?ItemNumber=BUCT6C15&session.currentcategory=Bulbs&session.currentsubcategory=Tubular Bulbs

  5. Linsi Says:

    It is very original ! Good idea!

  6. Kathryn Bogala Calgary Alberta Says:

    Simple and a unique a great accent for a child’s room. Kids would love these!

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