Feeling Instagramy

A few months ago, I finally joined Instagram (you can follow me at rachelhulan).  At first I felt pretty silly holding up my big ol’ iPad to take images with, but I quickly realized how great it was for capturing design inspirations, like the scene above.

I was waiting to head off to a morning meeting and had some time to kill, so I walked out on the Newport Pier and took this shot.  You could recapture everything in the image as a design: reclaimed wood, smooth blue glass tile, concrete floor, and a saturated red chair.  Sounds fun, no?

I’m working on figuring out a more efficient way to post these images and share my design ideas with you (aka, bombard you with my design geekiness).

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!


4 Responses to “Feeling Instagramy”

  1. Sofia - As We Travel Says:

    Beautiful shot, perfect with the bird flying past.

  2. Kathryn Bogala Calgary Alberta Says:

    Gorgeous setting for a beautiful photo!

  3. Debbie Gartner aka The Flooring Girl Says:

    What a beautiful picture, it looks so serene.

  4. Maggie Says:

    That’s awesome! It sounds like you’re using Instagram to create a mood board and design inspiration board.

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