So, Does It Work? – ECOS Paint

Today we are reviewing ECOS Paints, a product line that has been manufactured and sold in Britain since 1988, but only recently opened up manufacturing and distribution in the United States.  Available in a large variety of finishes and specialized application formulas, ECOS promotes itself as being solvent free, odorless, and free of all toxins.  In fact, it was invented by a paint chemist, Ian West, who discovered he was chemically sensitive after feeling ill for some time.  According to ECOS, their paints and varnishes are so pure you can actually eat them, although they warned they were still pretty nasty tasting, so I decided not to add that to the testing procedure!

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So, Does It Work? – Graham & Brown’s Designer Paint

We are starting up a new round of no to low VOC paint reviews, to help you make sense of the myriad of choices out there.  Previously, we have reviewed some of the major manufacturers no-VOC offerings.  Now we are going to begin taking a look at some of the “boutique” brands out there, starting with Graham & Brown’s new matte finish paint.

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So, Does It Work? – Benjamin Moore Natura

Wrapping up this week’s look at the mainstream manufacturer’s no-VOC flat paints, we have Benjamin Moore‘s Natura.

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So, Does It Work? – Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint

Welcome to the second in our series of posts on no-VOC paints.  Today we are reviewing Harmony, by Sherwin Williams. Read the rest of this entry »

So, Does It Work? – Dunn-Edwards Enso Paint

Yesterday, we began the work on our series of “So, Does It Work?” posts by painting an 18″ x 18″ patch of wall with Dunn-Edwards brand new low odor/no VOC line of paint, Enso.  Other than the comedy of me painting in heels and a chefs apron, while my p/t assistant Julia scribbled notes, everything went smoothly.  Read below for what we found out…

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Introducing “So, Does It Work?”

There are a LOT of materials out there touting their eco/green/sustainable claims, so how do you narrow it down to the ones that will work for you?  Well, we here at TIR aim to help you a bit with that, via our ongoing series “So, Does It Work?”  Although in no ways a scientific study, we will nevertheless try to be as consistent in our use and analysis of materials as possible, in order to give you the best information with which to make your own decisions.

So what is our first victim material to review?  I thought we couldn’t find a better place to start than the ever expanding options in “no-VOC” flat paint.  Starting this week, we will look at 10 different paint brands, across three different categories: Mainstream, Eco-Friendly, and Boutique.  This week we will try out three of the top mainstream U.S. brands – Dunn-Edwards, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore. Read the rest of this entry »