Amity Home

It’s been a while since we featured nursery items here, and one look at these gentle charmers from Amenity Home was proof enough that the time had come to do so again.


California mothers Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo started Amenity back in 2004.  Their simple, nature-inspired designs were from the first part of an effort to bring the peaceful tranquility of their youth into the urban, adult homes.  Two years later the pair realized their goal of offering their designs exclusively on organic or sustainable materials, and from there the business has only grown.  Nursery items are only part of a wide-ranging selection from Amenity. Read the rest of this entry »

ABYU Lighting

Meet Jerry the pig.

Jerry used to be a detergent bottle but now he’s gained new life as a kid’s nightlight… or, perhaps, as a whimsical conversation piece owned by an adult who hasn’t forgotten how to be a kid.  Isn’t he great?

Steven Wine created Jerry and his menagerie of companions as a diversion from his regular work as lighting designer for ABYU (And Bob’s Your Uncle) and its partner company, BNO Design.

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Here U.M.O., Here Boy…

Is it a table? Is it a bench? Is it a dog?

Photography: Francis Dzikowksi/ Esto


Well, while it might not be a dog, the U.M.O. is both a table and a bench, and it still just might become your child’s best friend.

Designed by the UM Project (also known as Users and Makers), it has a solid cork body and a powder coated aluminum insert. Even though it’s designed for children, I think it would add a wonderful bit of whimsy to anyone’s decor. Read the rest of this entry »

A Curative Cradle for Kids and Kids at Heart

“To sleep, perchance to dream…”

The Cradle was designed based on research into the causes and treatments for Rythmic Movement Disorder in children, but adults can enjoy the cocoon like environment too! Read the rest of this entry »

A Cube for You = Yube

Although I am an increasing proponent for spending money on quality rather than quantity when it comes to furniture, I also well remember the days when I had both an empty apartment AND an almost empty wallet.  If you, or someone you know, is in the same predicament, then the Yube might just be their saving grace.

Inexpensive, modular, and best of all, made primarily of recyclable and biodegradable materials, the Yube is the perfect sort of system for those just starting out, (or maybe starting over).

Yube is designed to be endlessly reconfigurable, and capable of being turned into a plethora of furniture pieces with the addition of accessories such as feet, drawers, doors, and shelves. Read the rest of this entry »

Rockin’ It Right – Kalon’s Hut-Hut

Kids have an amazing ability to find the true joy in simplicity.  For instance, have you ever known a kid who got one of those flashy, noisy, button laden toys for a gift, only to toss it aside after a few minutes play and then spend hours turning the box it came in into a vehicle for a favorite doll or stuffed animal?  So why spend the money on all those expensive, battery laden toys when you could get something great like this?

The Hut-Hut Kids is the old fashioned rocking horse taken modern, sustainable, and sleek.  Designed and produced by Kalon Studios, and available in five FSC certified woods such as black walnut (shown above), bamboo, and even cork, this seat’s simple styling gives a kid’s imagination room to grow.  So whether they want to say “hut hut” (giddy-up to camels) to a trusty steed with one hump or two (or maybe a horse, pony, elephant or tiger), they can create their own adventure as they wish.

So what about those of us who have already grown-up? Read the rest of this entry »

A, B, C, D… – Kid’s Seating/Storage

“Kitsch can make you rich, but art can break your heart.”

So says German designer Sascha Grewe, who created these great alphabet stools for kids. Read the rest of this entry »

A Tree (Table) Grows in Brooklyn – April Hannah

Check out the fun new Tree Table Collection from artist and designer April Hannah.

Recently making its debut at BKLYN Designs, this collection instantly won accolades, including the Inhabitat Editor’s Choice Award for best Kid’s Design & Newcomer.  And why not?  After all, not only are the pieces crafted entirely from sustainable materials such as FSC certified, no added formaldehyde plywood and soy based glues, but their great graphic punch is based on that icon of green – the tree.

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Fun Bedding for Kids – Argington

I love these great organic cotton bedding sets for kids and babies by Argington.

And apparently the baby above loves it too!  This pattern is called Fish and Pebbles, and it’s one of the most attractive, least twee prints I’ve ever seen for a nursery.

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Think of the Children! – Waterfall Vanities

I love well thought out design solutions, especially when they are both stylish AND sustainable.

Case in point, this lovely little vanity by Waterfall Bathroom Furniture.  Designed most especially with children in mind, the “The Mailbox” vanity is made in Canada of FSC certified wood, and comes with a matching footstool that tucks neatly underneath.  Available in 13 different low-VOC finish colors, to match most decors.  You can even order it with your choice of either a Caesarstone or a 3-Form countertop.

And if you are looking for something a bit more elegant, there is always “The Louis”… Read the rest of this entry »