Company Profile – Unearthed Paints

Go to the local – or chain – hardware store and take a stroll to the paint section, where rows upon rows and literally thousands of color choices may await customers. What’s in that paint?  In many cases, that information can be more than difficult to unearth.

In the vast majority of cases the base material is latex, supplemented by a witch’s brew of chemicals to achieve consistency, color, and so forth, produced with petro-chemical or synthetic ingredients.  The result, whatever the formula, is often toxic.  Who wants that?

Florian Speier and Jessica Pfohl are among those looking for something more.  Out of frustration at the “greenwashing and lack of ingredient transparency in the paint industry,” the husband and wife team founded Unearthed Paints with the determination to help change the industry.

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A Gallery of Red for Valentine’s Day

In honor of that gorgeous hue of love, here are a few of my favorite sustainable products in red…

Campaign Desk in “Revolution Red” by Etsy seller abodewell, made of reclaimed wood.

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Graham & Brown Paint the Town (Double Decker) Red

British wallpaper company Graham & Brown has just launched “Colours That Made Britain Great“, a new line of high quality, low-VOC paints, with a very English sense of style.

Designed to coordinate with their wallpaper collections, this flat matte finish paint comes in wonderfully British sounding colors, such as Double Decker Red, Nice Cup of Tea, and Stiff Upper Lip.  But the names are nothing compared to the ultimate anglophile packaging… Read the rest of this entry »

So, Does It Work? – Benjamin Moore Natura

Wrapping up this week’s look at the mainstream manufacturer’s no-VOC flat paints, we have Benjamin Moore‘s Natura.

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So, Does It Work? – Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint

Welcome to the second in our series of posts on no-VOC paints.  Today we are reviewing Harmony, by Sherwin Williams. Read the rest of this entry »

So, Does It Work? – Dunn-Edwards Enso Paint

Yesterday, we began the work on our series of “So, Does It Work?” posts by painting an 18″ x 18″ patch of wall with Dunn-Edwards brand new low odor/no VOC line of paint, Enso.  Other than the comedy of me painting in heels and a chefs apron, while my p/t assistant Julia scribbled notes, everything went smoothly.  Read below for what we found out…

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Eco Friendly Furniture Finishes

This weeks guest blogger is David Johnson of Sidecar Furniture.   An accomplished craftsman, David is also a member of LA Box Collective, a select group of professional Los Angeles based furniture makers, committed to environmentally conscious design and production.

A green finish that meets today’s standards set by petroleum-based finishes can be a bit of a conundrum.  Mainstream furniture and cabinets are normally sprayed with nitrocellulose lacquers, varnishes, and the like.  Icky and stinky as they are they really protect the wood by basically coating it with a layer of plastic.

A few years back, water based polyurethane finished came out as a green alternative but, like anything new, they were slow to be accepted.  There were complaints that they were hard to work with and the color was off but the manufacturers listened and solved these problems while at the same time making these water based finishes even more safe for the environment.  A finish that I’ve wanted to try is Vermont Coatings Poly Whey, available locally in Southern California at Livingreen.  Polyurethane finishes do require some work to apply nicely so they add some cost to a project

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