Trending – Tiny Tile

Tile mosaics, and thus tiny tile, have been around since before the fall of Pompeii…

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However, the little tiles had to be hand cut, and the mosaics carefully assembled by hand.  All of which made them a luxury item for centuries.

These days, the advent of new, computerized manufacturing techniques have made teensy, tiny tile increasingly easy to produce in a uniform manner.  Some of these tiles are no more than 1/4″ to 1″ square, and come pre-assembled on backing sheets which significantly reduce the labor needed to install them.

This has made it ever more affordable to cover entire floors and walls with beautiful mosaics made of ceramic, porcelain, and even glass tile.   You can see more examples on my “Trending – Tiny Tile” board on Pinterest.

Personally, I love the shimmer of the glass tile mosaics, especially the metallic ones.  There is something so magical about them when the light hits just right.

How about you?  Have you seen a tiny tile installation recently?  What did you think?

Happy Friday everyone!  See you next week!



Etsy Find of the Week – Everitt & Schilling Tile

I love reclaimed wood.

I love tile.

I LOVE this.

Created by Everitt and Schilling of reclaimed wood from barns or building scrap, these tiles are both beautiful and functional. Read the rest of this entry »

Fireclay Tile

What do post-consumer porcelain, empty glass bottles, and post-industrial process granite dust have in common?

No, it’s not their presence in a landfill.  Not if Fireclay Tile has any say in the matter.

Since its founding in 1986 the San Jose, CA, company has striven to minimize its environmental impact.  The product is hand-molded from extruded clays using recycled materials, unprocessed stoneware clays, and minerals, so each tile has its own natural character.  Glazes are mixed in-house and never contain any lead material.

Fireclay recycles its kiln heat, water, and all manufacturing waste, which is then re-used in other parts of the business.  99% of all scrap clay is recycled back into new tile and 80% of all glaze over-spray is collected and recycled.  Waste not, want not.

In particular they produce two tile lines to which I’d like to draw your attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Working Wednesday – Getting Caught Up & Pretty Tile

Although having your own business has many perks – making your own hours being a major one – there is a big downside in that if you get sick, there is no one who can really take on your workload until you get better.  I found that out the hard way this year, when I became very ill in January, an illness which left me functioning at about 50% for most of the rest of this year.  Not good!

Happily, my doctors have figured out how to bring me back to 100%.  I feel GREAT!

Now comes the tough part – getting caught up!  So, in the interest of keeping my clients, editors, friends and family happy, today’s post is short.

Really short….


My current favorite tile.  Oceanside Glasstile’s Muse Ovation in Tidepool.

The End.

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From Toilets to Tile – Fireclay

From not pretty…

to very pretty…

Replacing old, worn-out, water hogging toilets is considered a “green” thing to do.  But have you ever wondered what happens to all those relics of the 5+ gallons a flush era when they are taken out?  Sadly, many wind up in landfills, but the lucky ones wind up as beautiful tile from Fireclay! Read the rest of this entry »

Trending – Penny Tile

Usually when I post about a design element I believe is trending it’s because I’m seeing it more and more in magazines and other design forums. However, in this case I decided to write about one of my favorite looks more because I’m seeing an increased interest in it from my clients.

Penny rounds, and their design sibling “hex tile”, have been around for over a century, as anyone who has been in the lobby of the old apartment building, or the bathroom in an older home would know. Recently there has been a revival in interest for penny rounds, whether for reasons of nostalgia or the fact that just so darn cheerful looking. The great thing is, they can also be very sustainable. Here are some of my favorite looks:

image via Apartment Therapy


I’ll start out with, Savoy, a pretty ceramic version with over 20% recycled content from Ann Sacks. Read the rest of this entry »

ModCraft Tile

Color is a funny thing. While individual colors are often associated with particular time periods or styles, those colors really only appear dated in context of the colors that surround them. Take for instance the color “avocado green”. Put it in a room full of “harvest gold”, orange, and rust, and you’ve gone back to 1972. But pair that same color with baby blue and white, and you’re right on trend.

These beautiful Valley tiles by ModCraft are a perfect example of an old color looking new again. Although brown glazed tile was ubiquitous back to the 70s, paired with today’s crisp white fixtures it feels completely fresh and exciting again.  Doesn’t the luminous quality of this particular glaze highlight the dimensionality of the tile perfectly?  Gorgeous! Read the rest of this entry »

A Gallery of Red for Valentine’s Day

In honor of that gorgeous hue of love, here are a few of my favorite sustainable products in red…

Campaign Desk in “Revolution Red” by Etsy seller abodewell, made of reclaimed wood.

Hand embroidered pillow by Lost City. Read the rest of this entry »

Bosque Wood Tile is Boss – Ann Sacks

I love wood.

OK.  Ha ha.  Giggle giggle.  Yeah, I said I love “wood”.  Whatever.

Anyway, I do, so this gorgeous wood tile, new this year from Ann Sacks, has my heart singing.

Called the Bosque Collection, the tiles come in several different lengths and widths.  You can also choose from three different thicknesses, enabling you to mix and match for a more textured look on your wall.  And best of all…? Read the rest of this entry »

Greentech Meets High Tech on “This New House”

The DIY Channel’s new show, “This New House” premieres tonight, July 29th, at 8PM/7C.  If the trailer for the series is any indication, it should be chock full of innovative, high tech products, many of them geared towards energy savings and other aspects of green living.

One of the projects highlighted in the first three episodes is the Cleantech Teaching Center, a state of the art showcase home located in Beverly, MA.  This house features an entirely LED lighting system, rainwater recovery system, geothermal energy, and solar photovoltaic panels.  Sustainable materials were used throughout the interior, including Trend USA’s lovely Trend Q recycled glass tile.  Cleantech Homes, LLC has applied for LEED PLatinum status for the home. Read the rest of this entry »