Dyeing for a Drink of Water – Air Dye

Water use in the textile industry is massive – as in trillions of gallons massive.  Hundreds of gallons of water are required to dye even small amounts of fabric, and that water then needs extensive filtration to become drinkable again.  With potable water becoming a scarcer and scarcer commodity, how do we save more water for us, and still sustain the textile industry?  Well, why not take water out of the equation altogether…

The U.S. based company Air Dye has managed to do exactly that, by creating a new technology that can dye fabric without using a single drop of water!  This is an amazing advancement, and one we desperately need in the textile industry.  There is one problem though – other than getting the word out and encouraging fabric companies to give it a try… Read the rest of this entry »

DIY Window Treatment – The Shutter Store

Plantation shutters.  In California, where I’m based, they are the window treatment of choice for most contemporary homes.  But even the most eco-sensitive people I know have had to compromise their sensibilities in order to have them.  Sustainable options have been rare, and often expensive.

Thanks to a new “British Invasion”, there is now an affordable, attractive, environmentally friendly solution for Plantation shutters.  Read the rest of this entry »