7 Singular Sustainable Chairs

In the world of interior design there is really nothing so revered as the chair.  Whenever there is a design retrospective, a clever contest, or a new furniture line released, you can bet a chair is front and center.   The requirements for being a chair are pretty basic.  All you need are a horizontal surface to rest your bum, and a vertical surface to lean back against.  Voila!  You have chair.

It should be no surprise then that sustainable design has given birth to a host of chairs of all shapes, sizes and materials.  Although most are fairly mainstream in style,  some take an entirely different approach, creating unique and fun seating out of unexpected materials.

via Hugh Hayden Design

via Hugh Hayden Design

Tennis anyone?  Created by Hugh Hayden Design from re-purposed, used indoor court tennis balls, this chair is just plain fun.

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Book Review – Eco House Book

eco house book

I have always had a love for Terence Conran.  Perhaps it’s the simple, natural look of his company’s interiors and furnishings, or maybe it’s just the dreamy, spare quality of the photographs that populate the pages of his “House” book series.  Whatever the reason, I was delighted to find his latest design tome, “Eco House Book”, is focused on what I love best – sustainable homes.

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Friday Wrap-up Week 8

Photo via Branch Home

Photo via Branch Home

The season of giving is approaching quickly, and Treehugger has put together a fun slideshow of sustainable furniture and other gifts to warm a green designer junkie’s heart.

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When Life Gives You Persimmons…

nov seas insp 1

Pumpkins and Autumn leaves may signal the changing of the seasons for most people, but for me nothing says Fall like a bowlful of persimmons!  Their beautiful reddish orange glow with contrasting sage green leaves provides such a welcome dash of color when the sky is overcast, as it is so often this time of year.

Inspired by the rich color, I decided to quickly pull some samples from our library and see if I could replicate the feel using sustainable materials.  I thought I would share the results…

nov seas insp 2

Clockwise from the top: Q Collection Satin Wool in Paprika, Tree Frog Veneer in Green Willow Crown, Lulan Sun Series Silk in Sunkissed Orange, Lumicor Celery Taipei, Lumicor Manderin Iridescent, Q Collection Dandy #1005 in Olive, Daltile Wausau Terrazo Tile in Driftwood, Hakatai Ashland-E Series Sterling Blend

So what did I learn from this little exercise?  Well, first off, it was fun and I think I will try to make this a regular series.  Second, there is an amazing array of color to be had in the world of sustainable interiors, if you just know where to look.  Lastly,… I am finally going to have to break down and buy a better close-up camera!  These images really don’t do justice to how lovely the materials are, not to mention those inspiring persimmons.

A Visit To the California Academy of Sciences

CAS Rainforest1

OK.  So I’m a little late to the party.  Just over a year tardy actually.  However, the new California Academy of Sciences museum was well worth the wait.

Awarded LEED Platinum certification in October of 2008, the Academy is considered the largest green museum in the world.   Using a simplified palette of concrete, steel and wood, the building itself could come across as rather bleak, if it weren’t for the amazingly rich greens and blues of the living systems housed within.

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Arcadia hugs shoes and trees!

My shoe hugger from Arcadia

My shoe hugger from Arcadia

I’m just back from a fun, but all too brief trip to the Bay Area, which included a trip to the recently (re)opened California Academy of Sciences, which you’ll hear more about tomorrow.  Until I get all those images and information ready to post however, I would like to take a moment to send some kudos to the Arcadia company for creating such a helpful bit of green.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I attended a mini-expo put on by IIDA in Orange County, and had a chance to talk with Niki Valdes of Arcadia about all their efforts to create sustainable contract furniture.

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Under Construction…

While we create the last few touches on upgrading the site for new content, posts will be limited.

OK, that and I’m on a brief vacation!  See you here again on Monday!

Gorgeous & Green From Pindler & Pindler


Pindler & Pindler has introduced a new line of luxury fabrics under the name “Pindler Green”.  Focused on natural fibers such as organic cotton and linen, Pindler has created some lovely patterns that are sure to have wide appeal, and not just to the sustainably minded.


I am particularly drawn to their suzani influenced patterns, such as Tybalt, an upholstery damask design, which is woven of 100% organic cotton and  comes in 5 colorways.

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