Vintage Storage

I want to thank this weeks guest blogger Christina Fluegge, of My Sparrow.  Christina has a line of beautiful and sustainable furniture and accessories, and I highly encourage you to check them out on her website.

A great way to create storage that is interesting and functional is to use vintage containers.

Anything goes from wine crates to vintage locker baskets; you can store and organize your stuff in interesting and usable ways.  You don’t have to hide everything away in cabinets or a closet, using interesting containers gives a space personality.   In an entry way or mud room you can label vintage baskets and bins for everyone in your home, helping to keep you from searching for the keys, shoes or soccer balls just before it is time to head out the door.  Be creative!

Friday Wrap-up – 2/26/10

A great week here at theinterioRevolution!

Our very first guest blogger, Christina of My Sparrow, gave us all sorts of good tips on living with everything from plants to buying at flea markets.

Next week Wes Harding, of Harding Construction and Sustainable Solutions, will be guest blogging about the nuts and bolts of green remodeling and energy efficiency, so get out your pens and pencils, ’cause there’s going to be a test – kidding!

I’m also excited to announce that starting today, I’ll be writing a weekly blog for called Green Revolution!  I’m happy to have the opportunity to reach a new audience of design professionals and homeowners, and hope you, dear readers, will check into it too!

So in the spirit of celebration, I offer you this…

Image via re-nest

a disco ball made from DVDs!

Next up – cardboard as shelving, a suitcase as table, and an ode to minimalism. Read the rest of this entry »

As Close As I May Get to Owning One

The Eames DCW chair, with its molded plywood seat and gentle curves, is an icon of mid-century design.

It also runs $629 for a new one from Herman Miller, and originals are well over a $1,000!   However, this wonderful, handpulled Linocut print by artist Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios is a mere $25, and although you can’t sit in it, it has equally lovely lines. Read the rest of this entry »

Reclaimed Wood Furnishings

Guest blogger Christina Fluegge, of My Sparrow, is an accomplished interior designer who also has a line of beautiful and sustainable furniture and accessories…

There are so many options in green furniture these days, which is wonderful!  My favorite currently is reclaimed wood pieces.  Reclaimed wood furniture is widely available now, but how do you know which pieces are doing the most for the environment? 

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Flea Market Decorating

Guest blogger Christina Fluegge, of My Sparrow, is an accomplished interior designer who also has a line of beautiful and sustainable furniture and accessories…

At My Sparrow we believe that design and décor are about the way that you bring items together in a space to make it feel comfortable, functional and enjoyable.   In your home you want to see a reflection of yourself – your hopes, dreams, travels and family. We also believe that buying quality furniture and one of a kind pieces will help you build an amazing collection of your life and its many stages.  It may also provide your family with wonderful things and memories to pass down.  Shopping at Flea Markets near your home and when you travel is a great way to bring unique and interesting objects into your home at great prices while saving them from the landfill.

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Bop Bam a Lu Lop a Wambamboo

I’m in a bit of a silly mood this morning, which you will discover at the end of the post, but for now let me introduce you to a great line of furniture from Australia…

Created from Moso Bamboo, one of the most eco-friendly species of this fast growing plant, the award winning Wambamboo line of furniture by Kent Gration deftly combines a modernist style with an ancient building material.

Very conscientious about the environmental impact of the furniture line, Wambamboo follows the supply chain from it’s beginnings in the Zheijang province of China, where the bamboo boards, veneers and poles are sourced and manufactured, to it’s end point in Brisbane Australia where the furniture is crafted.

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Going Organic in the Bedroom

Guest blogger Christina Fluegge, of My Sparrow, is an accomplished interior designer who also has a line of beautiful and sustainable furniture and accessories…

We spend almost half of our lives in the bedroom so it is extremely important to use organic and toxin free products here!  You spend somewhere around 8 hours out of each and every day with your head on your pillow and your body wrapped up in your sheets and bedding.  What we sleep on is a very personal choice, everyone likes a certain type of pillow and a certain level of softness in their sheets and blankets.  When you are in the market for a new pillow look at the labels and strive for the most organic choice possible that suits your needs (I am still looking for the best organic/comfortable pillow I can find- have not found it yet!)

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Barking Up the Right Tree

I am a treehugger.  There, I’ve said it.  It’s true, and not just in the sense of being an eco-minded individual either.  I literally love trees.  They fascinate me.

One of the most interesting and beautiful aspects of trees is the variation found on their bark.  From the rough and rugged oak, to the delicate, papery aspen, trees come in a tremendous range of colors and textures.  But as much as I love wood as an interior element, it had never really occurred to me to use the bark in my designs.

Luckily, Bark House, part of Highland Craftsman, came along and created a material that any designer could be inspired by. Read the rest of this entry »

Green on the Inside: Interior Plants

Welcome to Christina Fluegge, of My Sparrow, our inaugural guest blogger!

“I want to say a big Thank you to Rachel for asking me to be a guest blogger here!  At My Sparrow we strive to bring you a variety of eco friendly options for your home that are stylish and beautiful.”

All images by Elle Decor

Interior plants are one of my favorite design elements.  They bring a space to life – literally.  I find that without them something seems to be missing and that a room is unfinished. Plants add texture and go with just about anything.  The greatest benefit of plants in the home is their ability to eliminate toxins.  There are so many things in our homes that contain toxins that we don’t even know about, why not let your friendly house plant help out.  Plant them in a repurposed container or hand woven basket to make them a part of your décor. Read the rest of this entry »

Peace Silk Pillows – Rajboori

Silk is one of those grey areas of green design.  Although a natural and sustainable fiber in many ways, most silk production still requires killing the larval stage of the moth, in order to preserve the cocoon.  This issue makes this otherwise exquisite fabric a great deal less appealing to many consumers.

However, there is an equally beautiful solution, and that is “Peace Silk”, which is used by Rajboori to make their amazing line of bed linens and throw pillows. Read the rest of this entry »