Friday Wrap-up – 4/30/10

How can it be almost May in Southern California?  The temperature never got above the mid 60′s!  It’s supposed to be down to 47 degrees tonight.  There is FRESH SNOW on the mountains.  What???

So,… can you tell I’m getting a little tired of my sweater collection?

Maybe I would feel better if I just built myself a great sofa cushion fort like this girl did.  Then I could have my work of architectural wonderment critiqued for its Richard Meier overtones in this hysterical (if you like architectural critiques) post.  (Build Blog)

Here’s something I missed in all the Milan Design Week hoopla – a really interesting new eco-kitchen from Whirlpool. (inhabitat)

Ever heard the term “piezoelectric”?  Me neither, but if this cool looking shower is any indicator, we’re going to hear a lot more about it soon. (inhabitat)

I love this collection of Spring themed organic cotton bedding! (Green Your Decor)

I WANT these beautiful, scrapwood, fair trade baskets designed by Piet Hein Eek! (renest)

And these amazing green dollhouses are, well, amazing!  Some of them come with their own solar arrays on the roof, and LED lighting throughout. (renest)

So, do you ever run across a cool bit of sustainable furniture, or eco-friendly design you think our readers should know about?  Feel free to send us a link, or just mention it in the comments section below.  We love hearing about new and exciting design sources!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Open For Business – Today! – Redefine Home

I’m so pleased to tell you about a wonderful new online source for sustainable home decor – Redefine Home!

Just launched today, Redefine Home is the ambitious and amazing interiors shop belonging to Linsi Brownson and her husband David Betz.

Filled with artisan crafts and vintage finds, there is something to please everyone.

Redefine Home sees decorating as an ongoing process, more of a cultivation of things you love and things you need.  We strive to offer a collection of beautiful everyday items mixed with one of a kind treasures and furniture designs inspired by just about everything.  We recognize that some things are a splurge and some are a steal, and we like it that way. – From the Redefine Home website

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The Missing “Link” – Room & Board

There is something so wonderfully anthropomorphic about the Link Table Lamp from Room & Board.

This whimsical LED lamp, designed by Pablo Pardo, seems the perfect fit for a child’s room. Read the rest of this entry »

Sheepish Style – The Wool Room

I love the resurgence of wool felt in interiors.  Not only is it a sustainable, durable and practical material, but it lends itself to such clever uses.

I mean, how adorable is this Orange Moon lampshade from the Woolroom?  Pretty darn cute don’t you think?  I can just imagine the beautiful, warm glow that moon would give off when the light is on. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Wrap-up – 4/23/10

After a week of computer woes and petty jealousy towards all the bloggers that got to go to Milan Design Week (maybe if I start saving my pennies for 2011 now?), not to mention an Earth Day spent scrambling to get caught up on all the work those same computer woes caused me to get behind on, it’s nice to be back to the blog.  Maybe spending a little time telling you about neat stuff I saw on the internet this week will get me back in the groove.

So, here is one of the first things I saw written about from Milan this week.  Tokujin Yoshioka’s “Memory” chair.  Created from recycled aluminum, it changes shape every time someone sits in it. (Inhabitat)

To see more amazing furniture, lighting and products from Milan Design Week, check out Inhabitat’s “Best of” slide show. (Inhabitat)

Here are some cool wildlife portraits made from old topographical maps.  This one is actually from last week, but too lovely not to mention. (BoingBoing)

I love this wallpaper using old newspapers to create a grasscloth look.  Fairly expensive, but for the right room it could be stunning. (Design Green)

Love this rustic yet very modern take on the picnic bench, using brightly colored enameled aluminum and FSC certified redwood. (re-nest)

Recycled gym floor decor – fun! (Green Your Decor)

Finally, is this the greenest bulb of all? (Design Green)

Happy weekend everyone!

It’s Earth Day,… Again.

I thought of titling this “Happy Earth Day”, but couldn’t quite go there.  It’s not that today is unhappy (although I’m still recovering from computer issues this past week, which is why you haven’t seen much in the way of posting on the site).  It’s not even that I feel strongly that “Earth Day should be everyday”, and therefore don’t wish to celebrate today specifically.

I really just want to rename the entire day itself.  How about “Future Day” – since that is what we are really hoping this day will give us.  Or perhaps “Cool It Day”, because cooling the planet down a degree or two could give us a longer future.  There are all sorts of possibilities – “No Impact Day”, “Get Off Your Butt and Make a Difference Day”, “Sustainability Day”, “Do More Day”, “Do Less Day”…  Heck, we could call it “iGreen Day”, which messes with at least two trademarks.  That would get some publicity!

What do you think?  Should we rename it or just rethink it?  What would your name be for today?

Think of the Children! – Waterfall Vanities

I love well thought out design solutions, especially when they are both stylish AND sustainable.

Case in point, this lovely little vanity by Waterfall Bathroom Furniture.  Designed most especially with children in mind, the “The Mailbox” vanity is made in Canada of FSC certified wood, and comes with a matching footstool that tucks neatly underneath.  Available in 13 different low-VOC finish colors, to match most decors.  You can even order it with your choice of either a Caesarstone or a 3-Form countertop.

And if you are looking for something a bit more elegant, there is always “The Louis”… Read the rest of this entry »

Crazy for Coco – Loll

Look what 184 recycled plastic milk jugs can make…

The new Coco chair from Loll Designs comes in 6 fun colors, and is made from 100% recycled plastic.  Virtually weatherproof, colorfast and very durable, this chair can put up with a lifetime of backyard barbecues.  Just don’t throw it into one!    I love the mid-century lines, and this vibrant turquoise color just makes me smile.

So how soon do you think it will be before we see this great outdoor chair gracing someone’s living room in an issue of Dwell?

Primordial Light – Aqua Creations Apaya Collection

Let’s just get the adjectives out of the way – ethereal, luminous, amorphous, primitive, soothing, stunning,…

The amazing new Apaya Collection of lighting from Aqua Creations is all that and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Check Out These Acoustics, Man! – Trevor O’Neil

Proving there is a way to re-purpose everything, look what artist Trevor O’Neil made with some discarded acoustic ceiling tiles…

“La Bombe” is a side table, with matching hanging lamp, which feels straight out of the 70′s – in a good way.  I love the orange plastic table top (40% recycled plastic), and how it positively glows with the light from the hanging lamp.  Of course, ceiling tiles aren’t the only acoustic material Trevor O’Neil has re-purposed… Read the rest of this entry »