[insert Dwell on Design 2010 review here]

Note: The above title for this post is a joke.  Since there was some confusion, I thought I would clarify – Rachel

For months I have been looking forward to spending last Friday attending Dwell on Design, collecting information and images of all the wonderful things I would see, and then sharing them with you, dear readers.  However, the best laid plans of mice and men,… and design bloggers it seems,… often go awry.  I came down with a nasty cold Thursday night, and have spent every day since in a slug like state on the sofa, surrounded by a sea of tissues and tea cups.

So, sadly, no review this year, but I will rustle up all the information I can on the event from other sites and share links to their take on it in this week’s Friday Wrap-up.  Meanwhile, I hope to be back in force by tomorrow so I can share many other great finds in sustainable design.

Till then…

Artisan Profile – William Stranger of Stranger Furniture

Artisan Profile by Emerald Atkins

Stranger Furniture is proof that deeply sustainable can mean deeply beautiful.

When the roughness of bark and the “imperfections” of natural wood are respected and used, when the natural, intricate grain of a board is allowed to shine forth in all its beauty, when the source tree “speaks” for itself, the results are tangible.

William Stranger’s work encompasses not just cabinetry and tables but also humbler creations such as lamps, utensils, and cutting boards.  Each aspect of his work supports a goal of creating zero waste.  Recycling is practiced whenever possible; scrap wood is donated to schools and other artists; even sawdust is used as animal bedding and then composted in order to minimize the shop’s impact.  As the artist explained, these business choices spring from a commitment “to an evolution that will take us beyond sustainability.” Read the rest of this entry »

6 Beautiful Reasons to Use Recycled Glass TIle

Remodeling your kitchen?  Designing a fancy new restaurant?  Just looking for something amazing and sustainable?  Here are 6 reasons you should consider recycled glass tile…

Mosaic “wallpaper” by Trend USA

1.  Recycled glass takes only 50% of the energy to produce that virgin glass does.

Oceanside Glasstile

2.  Recycled glass  can be made into any form, color, or shape you can imagine. Read the rest of this entry »

On the Road…

I’m off to Pasadena to pick up a beautiful artisan dining table for a home here in Orange County (I’ll show you pictures tomorrow), so I don’t really have time to do much of a post today.

Still, I wanted to leave you with something, so how about this charmingly quirky little side table I found on Etsy?  Made by seller lovenostalgicwhimsey out of a vintage red suitcase, it’s legs are detachable for easier shipment and storage.  I remember using a suitcase just like it in powder blue when I was a kid.  I felt so grown-up!  Of course, I’ve just dated myself, haven’t I?  Oops.

Well, time to hit the road…

A Tree (Table) Grows in Brooklyn – April Hannah

Check out the fun new Tree Table Collection from artist and designer April Hannah.

Recently making its debut at BKLYN Designs, this collection instantly won accolades, including the Inhabitat Editor’s Choice Award for best Kid’s Design & Newcomer.  And why not?  After all, not only are the pieces crafted entirely from sustainable materials such as FSC certified, no added formaldehyde plywood and soy based glues, but their great graphic punch is based on that icon of green – the tree.

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Friday Wrap-up – 6/11/10

We’ve got the typical “June Gloom” conditions going on this morning in Orange County.  Overcast, breezy, even a little drizzle now and then.  Hard to imagine that Summer vacation is about to start…

Of course, that means my son will be bringing home loads and loads of old school papers, most of which we really don’t need to keep.  Perhaps we should get this multifunctional paper shredder/coffee table?  Actually, with the way things are going for BP in the Gulf, they might want to invest in a bunch of them for all their executives soon.  Just sayin’.  (Design Sponge)

Sadly, I point you now to the final installment of the Cardboard Fort Architecture series.  This scholarly set of posts has been full of architectural achievement and analysis the likes of which you rarely see.  OK.  Actually, it’s just damn hilarious – and the kids are SO cute! (Build Blog)

So what do you think about the recent study claiming LEED certification does nothing to ensure the interior environment isn’t still toxic? (re-nest)

I was so happy to see my friends at L.A. Box Collective mentioned on Inhabitat!  If you are in SoCal, you should check out their new show. (Inhabitat)

The new issue of Lonny is here!  Now if I could only get an iPad to read it on, my life would be (almost) complete. (Table Tonic)

And speaking of iPads, if I ever do get one, this is what I’m going to put it in. (Inhabitat)

That’s it for now.  Wishing you a blissful weekend!

Fun Bedding for Kids – Argington

I love these great organic cotton bedding sets for kids and babies by Argington.

And apparently the baby above loves it too!  This pattern is called Fish and Pebbles, and it’s one of the most attractive, least twee prints I’ve ever seen for a nursery.

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Dude! – Recycled Surfboards

Maybe it’s because I went to high school in “Surf City” (aka Huntington Beach, CA) or maybe it’s just because it’s a cool way to recycle, but I think these surfboard showers are wicked awesome!

All images - Will and Jane Fowler

Created by Will and Jane Fowler out of used surfboards, and then covered in glass and mirror mosaics, each shower is completely unique.

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Cheap and Easy (and Green) – FLOR Sale

Thought I would let you all know about FLOR’s Summer Sale on their Fez line of carpet tiles and rugs.

Fez carpet tiles are made of 85% post consumer recycled PET (polyester) fiber, and are designed for medium traffic residential use.  The 19.7″ square tiles come in seven different colors, as well as pre-designed rug kits ranging in size from 3′ x 5′ to 8′ x 10′.  Individual tiles are on sale for $7.99 (reg. $9.99), and a 3′ x 5′ rug can be had for only $47.94. Read the rest of this entry »

Kiss My Arse Recliner – Q Collection

I often time spend a bit of time trying to come up with a good post title.  You know, something quirky or alliterative.  However, Q Collection left me no choice but to go with the obvious…

I mean, when you name your new chair line the “Kiss My Arse Recliner“, what is left for a poor blogger to do? Read the rest of this entry »