Friday Wrap-up – 7/30/10

Image via design*sponge

There is something about vintage crates that always catches my eye.  Here’s a nice look at a few that have been turned into rustic little side tables. (design*sponge)

Speaking of crates, this family took two large ones and made them into a coffee table of sorts.  Doesn’t it just look like the comfiest place to curl up with a book and drink lemonade on a summer’s day? (maya*made)

Here are some great pieces of wall art made with letters cut from soda cans.  I can’t figure out how you’d get a sewing machine to stitch through them like that, but it certainly looks cool. (Green Your Decor)

Could this be the future of fabric?  3-D printing technology used to create clothing. (Ecouterre)

And finally, an excuse to have a bunch of people over for a wine tasting.  Just tell them to bring a bottle with them, and after they’ve left, you can rinse them all out and send them away to be made into your own custom drinking glasses.  (Inhabitat)

Wishing you a weekend full of friends and fun! – Rachel

A Great Evening at Room & Board

I had the pleasure last night of being part of a panel discussion on green home remodeling, presented by the Orange County chapter of the USGBC.  My fellow panelists were award winning architect Brion Jeanette, landscape architect and TV personality Dean Hill, and energy efficiency expert Dan Thomson, president and founder of The Building Doctors.

Our moderator was the ever charming Cathy Baranger (with me above), one of the founding members of the USGBC chapter in Orange County.

Our setting was the beautiful Room & Board store at South Coast Plaza Village.  Love those recycled aluminum Emeco chairs.  So sharp!

They really pulled out all the stops to accommodate us, including setting up a terrific room for our panel discussion.

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Greentech Meets High Tech on “This New House”

The DIY Channel’s new show, “This New House” premieres tonight, July 29th, at 8PM/7C.  If the trailer for the series is any indication, it should be chock full of innovative, high tech products, many of them geared towards energy savings and other aspects of green living.

One of the projects highlighted in the first three episodes is the Cleantech Teaching Center, a state of the art showcase home located in Beverly, MA.  This house features an entirely LED lighting system, rainwater recovery system, geothermal energy, and solar photovoltaic panels.  Sustainable materials were used throughout the interior, including Trend USA’s lovely Trend Q recycled glass tile.  Cleantech Homes, LLC has applied for LEED PLatinum status for the home. Read the rest of this entry »

Fun Flat Pack Shelf Design – Piegato One

I love these colorful, foldable, flat pack steel shelves!

Designed by Matthias Ries, the Piegato One is made of a single sheet of steel, which arrives cut, perforated and ready to fold into a sturdy little shelf.

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USGBC “Refine Your Toolbox” Event and… PRIZES!

Just thought I’d give a quick heads-up that I will be part of a USGBC panel discussion on green residential remodeling this Thursday night at the Room and Board at South Coast Plaza.  I’m joined by:

Dan Thomsen, The Building Doctors, Building Performance
Brion Jeannette, Architect, Brion Jeannette Architecture
Dean Hill, Landscape Architect, Green Screen

Cathy Baranger (LEED-AP Consultant and Residential Green Building Advocate) will moderate.

And (drumroll please),… there are PRIZES!  All attendees will be entered into drawings for both a $500 gift certificate to Room & Board, and a Toto Soiree toilet.

For more information, please check the USGBC Orange County website

Hope to see some of you there!

A Modern Courting Bench – Moebius

In Victorian times, it was considered unseemly to snuggle too close to your intended until you were married.  So for all those lovesick ladies and gentlemen, the “courting bench“, was invented.  Also referred to as a tete a tete, the courting bench consisted of two seats joined together, but facing opposite directions.  Very popular amongst worried Victorian parents.  Probably not so much for the young men and women required to sit politely in them.

Those prim Victorians definitely wouldn’t have appreciated the sensuous curves of Onyx’s brilliant, and oh so modern, interpretation. Read the rest of this entry »

Not To Wine, but…

Wine is a wonderful thing.  I should know, because my husband works in the business.  Yeah, it’s tough being married to somebody who has to bring home bottle after bottle of delicious wine to taste.  I know, I know.  Your heart bleeds for me.

Anyway, wine is a multi-billion dollar, global industry, and anything that big generates a LOT of waste.  So I thought I would share some of my favorite sustainable goods made from the remnants of the wine making process…

Elegant curves define this beautiful folding chair from Whit McLeod.  Made from used oak wine barrels – many of them decades old – this chair is surprisingly comfortable and very chic. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Wrap-up – 7/23/10

I’m actually on vacation right now (shhhh!  don’t tell anybody), but I’ve kept my eye out for interesting stuff to share anyway…

image via Shelterrific

Here are some really CUTE pillows from recycled materials, by Alexandra Ferguson. (Shelteriffic)

West Elm’s new line of FSC certified office furniture, designed by students at Pratt. (Inhabitat)

A lovely new kitchen, made of reclaimed materials, that looks absolutely classic. (re-nest)

GE has unveiled their latest technology in super efficient OLED lighting. (Inhabitat)

It takes 5,000 cocoons to provide enough silk for one kimono!  And this guy is raising the caterpillars, spinning the silk, and weaving it all by himself. (BoingBoing)

The first U.S. Certified Passive House, in Louisiana of all places. (Treehugger)

And finally, the most adorable ad, made on a whim by an 11 year old girl, for Harmony Art organic cotton fabrics.  Seriously, somebody hire this girl! (The Journey is the Prize)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Bright Idea – Make Your Lamp

How is this for a bright idea?

Recycled paper, molded into a shade, then fully wired and ready to go!  Created and developed by Polish designer Ania Werner, the Make Your Lamp manages to be both sustainable AND affordable.

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Are We All “Living Downstream”?

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Sandra Steingraber speak last Thursday at The Ecology Center, in San Juan Capistrano.

Dr. Steingraber’s story is one of crisis, survival, realization and action.  A story that revolves around cancer.  Her cancer.  A story that involves her taking her knowledge of science and using it to enlighten us as to why so many – so very many – of us are getting it. Read the rest of this entry »