Happy Holidays!

Things are a little crazy around here, with three great design projects in the works, and a writing deadline that is starting to get a little past due, so….

Key with christmas tree

In order to get a little caught up, not to mention spend a lot of quality time with the family, and indulge in some fun Christmas time cocktails I will be taking a break from blogging from now until January 3rd.  I’m looking forward to 2011 and new and exciting content to share with you!

Until then…  Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Trash Cube – Nicolas le Moigne

How about a little trash talk to liven up your Friday?  No, not THAT kind of trash talk.  This kind…

Every year, Swiss fiber cement manufacturer Eternit discards tons of scrap material, so they asked designer Nicolas le Moigne to come up with a simple way to turn that trash into a useful object. Read the rest of this entry »

Structural on the Side – Architectii

Most of us don’t think too much about what might be hiding in our attic.  Pity.

Take the common Parallam beam, which was invented to replace the large beams of solid wood used for structural support in roofs and other areas.  Unless you have to poke you head up in the attic to check for a leak the next time it rains, odds are you won’t ever notice them.   Luckily, Kim McGhee of Architectii did notice them, and decided to make this lovely side table.

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Graham & Brown Paint the Town (Double Decker) Red

British wallpaper company Graham & Brown has just launched “Colours That Made Britain Great“, a new line of high quality, low-VOC paints, with a very English sense of style.

Designed to coordinate with their wallpaper collections, this flat matte finish paint comes in wonderfully British sounding colors, such as Double Decker Red, Nice Cup of Tea, and Stiff Upper Lip.  But the names are nothing compared to the ultimate anglophile packaging… Read the rest of this entry »

Family Tradition is Green Design – Lonny Magazine

First off – the new December issue of Lonny Magazine is out today!  Gorgeous!!!

All images via Lonny Magazine

I have to say, the photography and interiors only get better as time goes by.  Love the pink and turquoise hues shown throughout the issue.  Wait, did I just say I love pink???  Ah well.

image by Patrick Cline

Although all the features are wonderful to look at, there was one article in particular I’d love everyone to read.  Read the rest of this entry »

On the Cover! – Whyrhymer

I love it when really talented designers gets recognized.

So I was so happy to see Brandon Morrison, of Whyrhymer Furniture get the cover for California Home & Design Magazine this month!   I’ve been lucky to see his career take off almost from the beginning, and I can truly say that this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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A Patch of Green (Design) – The Patchwork Collection

I’m on a deadline today (OK, a couple of deadlines), so I will keep this brief…

Cool, huh?  I thought so too.  These are pieces from the Patchwork Collection, by London based designer Amy Hunting.  She made them from factory waste generated in Denmark. Read the rest of this entry »

9 Unusual Objects Recycled into Lighting

A small restaurant project I’m working on right now has me thinking a lot about using found objects as lighting fixtures.  It’s is a wonderful, inexpensive, and very sustainable way to add whimsy and uniqueness to a space.  I thought I’d share a few of the really cool fixtures I’ve run across as I’m doing my research…

Globes have the unfortunate habit of becoming inaccurate very quickly, what with the constant shifting of borders and changing of names, so I imagine there are a great many out of date, illuminated globes out there just waiting to be turned into something as gorgeous as Benoit Vieubled’s “terre à l’endroit, terre à l’envers“.

To think that a simple flan pan and a teapot could be brought together to create the sweet “Jasmine” lamp, by French design company Garbage.

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Liberate Your Walls from Boredom – Liberty Collection by Trend USA

Do your walls seem sad, bored, and uninspired?

Why not give them a little Liberty then?  Recently making its debut at Cersaie in Italy, the Liberty Collection is the newest post-consumer recycled glass mosaic tile line from Trend USA.  It’s so shiny and glittery, I can feel my inner magpie taking hold.

Its sparkling personality is due to the 24K gold leaf applied to the back of a portion of the mosaic’s tiles, an addition which provides both shine and a sense of depth to the mix.  The variation in surface texture also plays into the impression of movement as light reflects off of the glass. Read the rest of this entry »

Design Takes Flight – Colleen & Eric

I love Etsy.  You can find such thoughtful design work taking wing there.  Case in point…

Yesterday, I ran across this Flock of Birds, by Brooklyn based design studio Colleen & Eric.  A sustainable take on the ubiquitous vinyl decal trend, these birds are instead made of North American hardwood veneer panels.  Because they are attached using small, decorative nails, rather than adhesive, they can be removed time after time.  That is especially nice if you are a person who winds up moving frequently.  Or maybe you just one of those people like me who loves trying new paint colors on their walls.  Either way, these are a great solution.

At only $60 for the set, I think these would make a beautiful gift too, don’t you?

If you have a minute, you should also check out their small, but clever portfolio of products.  I’m especially intrigued with the North Star table and the way they incorporated the catch release for the hidden drawer into the design.  Lovely!