Color Trend – Fall Fashion Influences 2011

I love to fly, if for no other reason than it affords me the opportunity to indulge in a stack of fashion magazines to flip through during the trip.  Saturday saw me on a flight to Chicago, so I grabbed several glossies at the news stand before boarding.  It’s already September in magazine world, so I got the big, thick Fall Fashion issues to while away the time.  Yum!

Via Alexander McQueen

I was struck right away by how often a particular color combination kept cropping up.  See if you can spot the trend too…

via Chanel


via Fendi

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Working Wednesday – The Foundation

image by John Steed

I wear many work hats: blogger, teacher, writer, occasional speaker.  However, all of those hats became mine due to my “real” job as an interior designer.  It is literally the foundation of all that I do.  So I thought I would start sharing a little more about my “day job” in a weekly post called Working Wednesday.

I figure there is no better place to start than the image above.  I’m so excited to see the foundation go in for this amazing single family residence, which is on schedule for LEED Platinum certification!  I was brought in in the early stages of the project (yay for design charrettes and being part of a team!), and have been immersed in it ever since.  The owners are lovely to work with, the architect, Jeff Jeanette, is both incredibly nice AND very talented, and the general contractor, John Steed, just generally rocks!

You’ll see a lot more on this project here as things move forward, including some of the interior materials and the thought processes behind their use.  The project will also have its own website, going live soon, where you can get regular updates on the general progress and watch the construction unfold.

This house will be knock your socks off beautiful, so stay tuned!

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Artisan Profile – Allison Patrick of Zipper 8 Lighting

I’m excited to welcome back writer Emerald Atkins for another of her excellent Artisan Profiles!

There are many lights in New York City, but perhaps the most unusual are created by Allison Patrick of Zipper 8 Lighting.

Although the core idea behind her designs is simple – the covering of plain lampshades or paper lanterns with repurposed materials – there is a playful wit at work there: quirky, modern, fun… and green.

Allison has always been a creative person and early on was influenced by a craft-loving family friend with whom she was “constantly creating things.”  Over time she realized that what she truly loved was creativity within the physical world, which led to a degree in Architecture.  Place, too, influences her work, as the “already built” nature of NYC limits the scope of creativity while focusing the latter into the elaboration of interior space, such as the transformation of “a simple white box of a room” into something personable and unique. Read the rest of this entry »

Etsy Find of the Week – Colorful Clocks!

Always a sucker for a “Clever Fox”.

And one that tells me what time it is (snack time!) is even better.

These charming clocks are the creation of Etsy seller Nicola and the Newfoundlander.

Constructed from a piece of reclaimed 1938 water tower wood, these clocks feature a hand screened print on silk, or other colorful printed fabrics.

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I’m loving this table concept.

Designed by Sebastiano Ercoli, this sustainably crafted coffee table concept takes user customization seriously.

With three separate, removable bins, and several different lid styles, a multitude of configurations are possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Finally – A Good Use for Plastic Bags

I hate plastic bags.

I wish plastic bags had never been invented. They fill our landfills, our waterways, and our streets. I have even found them stuck in tall trees, miles out in the heart of a forest.   However, we are stuck with them, at least for now.

So what to do with all those flimsy bits of plastic?

How about make some furniture!

That’s what youth empowerment program, Artists for Humanity, has done. Read the rest of this entry »

A Little Lamp Lust…

She’s a svelte little stunner isn’t she?

Such a rich combination of polished wood and etched ceramic.

The charming Payton restyled vintage table lamp is available through virtuoso vintage lighting source, Mod Pieces.

If only she fit in with my decor…  Sigh.


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Etsy Find of the Week – Dinosaurs!

My son and I are going to check out the new Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles this week, so I have dinosaurs on the brain.  We’re excited because they have,…

not one,…

not two,…

but THREE T-rex skeletons on exhibit now!


So in honor of the tyrannically good time we are going to have, I present you with some prehistoric fun from Etsy…

Reclaimed wood TRex skull by Recycled State

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Born in the U.S.A. (Spun and Milled Here Too!)


Harmony Art Chili Pepper Flannel

The lovely folks at Near Sea Naturals, the already notable internet source for organic fabric, have taken things to a whole new level with their new venture, American Grown-Spun-Milled.  With an inventory consisting of nothing that isn’t organically grown and then spun and manufactured in the United States, they are fulfilling a growing need for more locally based materials.  They are also continuing a long tradition of cotton and wool production in North America, as well as providing work for mills whose workload might otherwise be shipped off to China or India for cheaper manufacture.

Says Tara Bloyd, president of NearSea Naturals –

“At a time when many textile jobs and businesses are going overseas, our customers are demanding domestic, sustainable fabrics. They understand the importance of supporting the US textile industry and want to keep their business supply chains local.”

So far, their inventory is small, but enticing.   I imagine as demand increases so will the number of choices.  For now, here are some of the lovelies they have:

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Here U.M.O., Here Boy…

Is it a table? Is it a bench? Is it a dog?

Photography: Francis Dzikowksi/ Esto


Well, while it might not be a dog, the U.M.O. is both a table and a bench, and it still just might become your child’s best friend.

Designed by the UM Project (also known as Users and Makers), it has a solid cork body and a powder coated aluminum insert. Even though it’s designed for children, I think it would add a wonderful bit of whimsy to anyone’s decor. Read the rest of this entry »