Hearth Cabinet Fireplaces

It’s a lovely thing to sit before the fireplace and watch the flames crackle.

I grew up with that luxury and then wound up spending close to twenty years as an apartment dweller, longing always for that childhood comfort – yet, in many cities, a fireplace in an apartment is either a near-impossible headache to install or, in the case of ventless fireplaces, downright illegal.

How nifty to find a solution to this little quandary!

Hearth Cabinet produces ventless fireplaces which require no flue, no electricity, and, instead of burning gas (which must be vented), uses a non-toxic isopropyl alcohol gel to fuel the flames.  They are the only ventless fireplaces legally approved for use in New York City. Read the rest of this entry »

Company Profile – Kirei USA

“Demolish another building, it just gives us more to work with!”

John Stein is into demolitions, but not in the way one might think.  The founder and president of California-based Kirei USA has a knack for finding the possibilities inherent in the unwanted.

This vision shows clearly in every Kirei product, including the newest line, Windfall.  These engineered panels are produced in partnership with Windfall Lumber, which takes Douglas & Hemlock Fir from deconstructed buildings in the Pacific Northwest and brings the reclaimed wood to fresh, new life.

“It’s great to reuse demolition material that would otherwise take up space in the landfill,” says Mr. Stein.  “Having it become beautiful wood panels is even better.  This is old-growth wood that just can’t be found any more, and we get to bring it to designers.”

Windfall is manufactured in the United States using low-VOC adhesives.  The reclaimed wood is milled into strips of differing width, which are then randomly stacked to form the panels and cut to size.  Panels are available either solid or 3-ply with a NUAF/FSC-certified core.  They may come unfinished, with a clear coat that shows off the natural grain, or stained and prefinished in Anthracite, Mocha, Ivory, and Leather colors.  The result adds to any interior.

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Breathe by DIRTT

There are modular homes and modular walls and modular floors…  but have you seen a modular plant?  No?  I hadn’t either.


But the clever folks at DIRTT Environmental Solutions looked into their imaginations and saw a vertical garden: rows and ranks of pretty, VOC-absorbing plants marching up any given wall.  Then Sustainable Industries looked at Breathe and named it one of the Top Ten Building Products of 2011.

So what is this thing? Read the rest of this entry »

DuChateau Floors

I’m excited to announce that Emerald Atkins is joining The InterioREvolution as a regular contributor!  She has been writing occasional posts on artisan makers.  Now she is going to help me keep up with telling you about all the exciting products out there.  Twice a week!  Welcome Emerald!

These are luscious floors.

How often does one get the chance to say that about something under one’s feet?   Luscious.   Yet the creations of DuChateau Floors evoke that word, and in addition serve as a reminder that an environmentally-friendly room does not necessarily preclude classical beauty and – dare we say it? – a gentle opulence.

The secret is in the polish.  While polyurethane, acrylic, and aluminum finished floors are prevalent in the United States, DeChateau offers a refreshing alternative: a floor crafted of new FSC-certified European wood that is distressed, finished with hard wax oil, smoked, and brushed to reproduce that wonderful age-old, worn, antique patina that speaks of history. Read the rest of this entry »

Heated Glass Towel Warmers by Thermique

Does anything feel as luxurious as a warm towel on a cold autumn morning?   Mmmmm….  Cozy!

With the Thermique Heated Glass Towel Warmer, you can have have that wonderful warm fuzzy towel without sacrificing style, or the environment.  Read the rest of this entry »

From Wine to Wallpaper – Trend USA

The world is awash in wine bottles.  And whiskey bottles, vodka bottles, beer bottles,… and – for those of you teetotalers – sparkling water bottles.  Even with the economy in the slumps, or perhaps because of it, we sure go through a lot of bottles.  So what can we do about it?

Well, Trend USA has decided to turn wine (bottles) into wallpaper!

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A Treasure – Trove Wood Veneer

Gorgeous.  Simply gorgeous….

Also haunting, ethereal, sublime, and a bit luscious – all at the same time.

This beautiful line of wood veneer wallpaper from Trove, including the Alcyone design shown above, is available in a wide variety of cloth backed, FSC certified veneers, such as maple, oak, cherry, walnut, birch, and bamboo..  Any motif from their library of wallpaper designs can be chosen, and printed in sizes up to 42″ wide x 120″ high.

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“That Girl” – Marlo Chair

As soon as I heard the name of this chair was “Marlo”, my brain did one of those connections things where it went from chair, to Marlo Thomas, to “That Girl”, to being eight years old, lying on the floor of the living room and watching re-runs, dreaming of one day growing up to have a husky voice, perky attitude, killer eyelashes and a cute and devoted boyfriend.   What does that have to do with this chair…?

Nothing really, except the name – and perhaps the perky attitude.

Created by SAGE in Design from bamboo that was bent without steaming, the Marlo chair features an eco-friendly recycled tire inner tube seat.  I find the form of this chair fascinating, especially that dramatic split down the middle.  Seriously, what holds the chair together? Read the rest of this entry »

Let the Sunshine In – Velux Sun Tunnel by Lovegrove

The Velux Sun Tunnel, created by internationally recognized product designer Ross Lovegrove, is a beautiful, sophisticated design for bringing daylight into an interior space. Read the rest of this entry »

Landfill Is Benched – SAGE in Design

One man’s trash…

…has become another man’s business.

SAGE in Design’s president and founder, David Lasher, has taken recycling to a sophisticated new level with the Raul Bench.  With a seat constructed from a mixture of 100% recycled newsprint, old corrugated cardboard and agricultural fibers, all sitting on a base made of 89.5% recycled steel, this is furniture with serious sustainability in mind. Read the rest of this entry »