Miss Wool Lamp

I must have this…


Think of it… a lampshade you wouldn’t look half bad in if you party just a little too much during the holidays!

The lovely Miss Wool knitted lamp, with that charmingly feminine bow, is from Italian design company Doimo Decor.

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Nailed It!

Equal parts ethereal and threatening, this prickly looking lamp is by Amsterdam based product designer company Ilias Ernst.  By using magnetic fields to attract and hold nails to the lamp, the configuration of pendant can be easily manipulated, resulting in a completely unique piece every time.

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Etsy Find(s) of the Week – Globetrotting Edition

I just returned from a brief (but fun) business trip to San Francisco, and once again I remember why I love to travel.  Seeing new places, making new friends, and getting out of my daily routine are so invigorating to me.  Now all I can think about are the places I want to go next!

Since I have such a severe case of wanderlust, I thought it appropriate to make this week’s “Etsy Find” a globe and map themed one.  Enjoy!

Map covered wooden chair by New Yorganize.

Collier’s 1935 Map Drawer Pulls by Sherry Truitt

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Artisan Profile – Brandon & Sundeep Morrison of whyrHymer

The latest installment in a series of artisan profiles by contributing writer Emerald Atkins.

The ancient Greek poets were said to be inspired by the Muses, nine goddesses who were the source of all art.

Visitors to the whyrHymer Store in Los Angeles may well believe that a tenth Muse is informing Brandon & Sundeep Morrison on their own creations.  The couple & their work have been featured in California Home & Design and California Homes.  The style of their lighting & furniture is solid yet elegant, evoking the philosophy of the early 20th century Arts & Crafts movement yet speaking in its own distinct, thoroughly modern voice.

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A Little Lamp Lust…

She’s a svelte little stunner isn’t she?

Such a rich combination of polished wood and etched ceramic.

The charming Payton restyled vintage table lamp is available through virtuoso vintage lighting source, Mod Pieces.

If only she fit in with my decor…  Sigh.


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Etsy Find of the Week – Reclaimed Pallet Lamp

Every week I go on Etsy to look for something new to show you. And every week I think, “this is the week I’m not going to find anything that’s new”. I mean, how many fresh ideas are there really? Well, apparently quite a few, because yet again I managed to find something cool I had never seen before…

I mean, look at this lamp by Etsy seller pallethunters! How cool is that? I’m not even into butterflies, and I’m gaga for it.

Made of reclaimed pallet boards, and using pretty walnut wood plugs to cover up the screw holes, this lamp is both rustic and kind of sweet looking at the same time. After cleaning and assembling the boards, the lamp is given a light sanding and then a coating of non-toxic tung oil to protect the wood.

I think I am the first blog to feature their lamp, but as cute as it is I bet it’s going be making the rounds on the rest of them pretty quick.

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Bright Idea – Make Your Lamp

How is this for a bright idea?

Recycled paper, molded into a shade, then fully wired and ready to go!  Created and developed by Polish designer Ania Werner, the Make Your Lamp manages to be both sustainable AND affordable.

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Friday Wrap-up – 6/4/10

Lack of sleep, tight deadline, ever expanding to-do list,… yep, typical Friday.  How about you?

Meanwhile, lots o’ pretty interesting stuff spied on the web this week.

image by jewelweeds

I’m entranced by these lovely hand blocked organic cotton linens from Jewelweeds. (mochatini)

Great, ethereal looking Tonic pendant lamp, made of 100% post consumer acrylic. (chictip)

More fun cardboard fort analysis! (BuildBlog)

Grandma’s old National Geographic collection transformed into a shelf. (Craft)

How to design in “Itty Bitty” spaces. (Inspired Design Daily)

Love the colorful glass bottle walls in this post. (re-nest)

Cute task lamp made of recycled egg cartons. (Dezeen)

Wishing everyone a relaxing, restful weekend.  See you Monday!

The Missing “Link” – Room & Board

There is something so wonderfully anthropomorphic about the Link Table Lamp from Room & Board.

This whimsical LED lamp, designed by Pablo Pardo, seems the perfect fit for a child’s room. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Wrap-up – 3/26/10

The week has flown by.  I was so busy running around looking at all sorts of new design in the showrooms during West Week and Spring Market that I didn’t notice I was getting worn out.  Had to spend Thursday resting and recuperating.  The cat appreciated having me hold still long enough that he could perch on my lap and drool on my computer.  He’s a giver that cat.

I want to thank our wonderful guest blogger this week, Linsi Brownson of Inspired Design Daily!  She wrote beautifully – as always.

So onto this weeks Wrap-up!

Image via Inhabitat

I don’t know why but every time I look at this image, the theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind plays round in my head.  These are in fact new energy efficient “Trex” lamps, and they are definitely worth a closer look. (via Inhabitat)

How about aluminum tiles made from retired airplanes?  You can even get them with old rivets and dings left in. (via re-nest)

A good list of 10 water efficient kitchen faucets, priced from high to low. (via re-nest)

Beautiful tile made from the waste by-products of the fishing industry (via The Thread Post)

Cute kids furniture made of cardboard, from Riki Watanabe designs first conceived of in 1965. (via Chictip)

Love this clever chair cut from one piece of plywood. (via Yanko Design)

I always advise people not to get a memory foam mattress. Now you can read why. (via Treehugger)

And lastly, although it’s not really about green interior design, Planet 100′s Top 5 Eco Contradictions is a great way to understand a little more about greenwashing.

Have an amazing weekend all!