Amity Home

It’s been a while since we featured nursery items here, and one look at these gentle charmers from Amenity Home was proof enough that the time had come to do so again.


California mothers Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo started Amenity back in 2004.  Their simple, nature-inspired designs were from the first part of an effort to bring the peaceful tranquility of their youth into the urban, adult homes.  Two years later the pair realized their goal of offering their designs exclusively on organic or sustainable materials, and from there the business has only grown.  Nursery items are only part of a wide-ranging selection from Amenity. Read the rest of this entry »

ABYU Lighting

Meet Jerry the pig.

Jerry used to be a detergent bottle but now he’s gained new life as a kid’s nightlight… or, perhaps, as a whimsical conversation piece owned by an adult who hasn’t forgotten how to be a kid.  Isn’t he great?

Steven Wine created Jerry and his menagerie of companions as a diversion from his regular work as lighting designer for ABYU (And Bob’s Your Uncle) and its partner company, BNO Design.

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What’s New With Muu?

Following up on the Sam Collection – a whimsical and inventive take on children’s furniture – comes Muu’s new line, the Ray Collection.  Like a slightly more sophisticated older sibling, the Ray Collection’s contrasting dark wood and white paint will fit in with both modern and transitional decor.


Along with great lines, Muu’s furniture has a major fun factor in the MuuPanel system, where you are able to easily change the graphic panel in order to customize their furniture for one, two, three or more children as you go along.

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