Meet the Future – Ecor

What if you could have a 100% recycled, non-toxic, formaldehyde free material you could use for almost anything kind of interior application you can think of?   And what if that material was 3 times stronger than particleboard?  And it could be made in any shape you could dream up?  Think I’m the one who is dreaming?

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Friday Wrap-up – 2/5/10

Happy (rainy for us SoCal folks) Friday!  Nothing beats the rainy day blues like a picture of some cute kids, so here goes…

Image via re-nest

As cute as they are, it’s really the organic cotton fabric that makes my day.  It’s from a nice list of eco-friendly fabric sources I saw on re-nest.

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Friday Wrap-up – 01/22/10

After a long, dark, wet week here in Southern California, it’s nice to look at light filled spaces like these…

Image by Rinne Allen via Interior Design "Cindy's Salon"

Seen on the Interior Design Magazine “Cindy’s Salon” blog, this lovely little cafe looks so cheery with its blue and white color scheme, and open spaces.  But what really stands out are the marvelously refurbished chairs…

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Let’s Get Organized, Day 5 – The Paperless Office

So,… are you organized yet?  Have those mountains of paperwork found a home?  If not, you might want to consider going “paperless”. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s Get Organized, Day 4 – iPhone Apps

For the 4th day of our Let’s Get Organized series, I thought we could take a look at iPhone apps.

Now, I know many of you may not have an iPhone.  In truth, I don’t have one either, but there is no getting around the fact that the amazing number of apps available for the iPhone have changed the way we use our phones, and could make a big difference in how we stay organized in the interior design business.  That being said, if you don’t have an iPhone, stick around for this first entry, because it’s available for other phones and your computer too!

image via Evernote

The simplest way to describe Evernote is as a note taking service, which doesn’t sound all that amazing.  But when a “note” can be anything from a snapshot you take with your mobile phone, to a screen grab of a website you’re on, to a to-do list you send yourself via email, things get a lot more interesting.  For designers, this is a major boon.  Imagine seeing something, anywhere you are, taking a picture and sending it off to a file system where you can easily access it along with notes, voice memos, web pages, lists, etc.  And everything can be filed to the correct folder automatically, once you tell Evernote what to look for.  Best yet, the basic service is free.  I’ll let their little intro video explain more…

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Let’s Get Organized, Day 3 – Storage Solutions

Welcome to Day 3 of Let’s Get Organized!

Today I thought we could focus on some of the great, sustainable storage solutions out there.

image via Iannone Design

image via Iannone Design

First up are these sustainable chic filing cabinets by Iannone Design.  Constructed of bamboo, FSC maple plywood and cork, they have touch release drawers, which allows for that amazingly smooth face front.  Stainless steel handles can be added for those wanting a more traditional look.  Best part?  The fronts double as cork boards, for those who like furniture that can multi-task.   Price $995 – $1,175

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Let’s Get Organized, Day 2 – The Naked Binder

Welcome to day 2 of Let’s Get Organized!  But first, a story…

One day a few months ago my husband and I were doing what many couples who live together do – cleaning out the garage.  As I peered into boxes unopened since our last move 5 years ago, my husband walked up to me, arms full of empty navy blue 3 ring binders.  I think someone had given them to me when they cleaned out their garage, and they had been collecting dust in ours ever since.

“Hey” he said, “Didn’t you tell me you wanted to get all those product brochures and stuff into binders?  Well, why not use these?”

I gave him a look that is familiar to anyone who has to live with an interior designer, and said, “I can’t use those binders!  Look how plain and vinyl and bleh they are!  What I want is something stylish, but also eco-friendly.”  So he dusted them off and stacked them back on the shelf, knowing full well I wasn’t likely to find anything better anytime soon.

Well, for once at least, he was wrong!

Let me introduce you to… The Naked Binder.

Made of 100% recycled material, 97% of which is post consumer, these binders are not only attractive, but extremely sturdy as well.  So sturdy in fact that they have even survived a trip through a dishwasher!

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